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Amazon Ditches Android for New Custom OS

Amazon has started replacing Android on its smart devices, with a new custom Linux-based operating system, called the Vega OS. Android will be removed altogether.

It was noted the process would begin next year, but it’s been discovered Vega OS is already up and running on final Amazon hardware. For instance, the Amazon Echo Show 5 (3rd Gen) has been seen with software, with naming and numbering reset to ‘OS 1.1.’

Echo Show 5 (3rd Gen)

An indicator that this is an early version of the operating system is that the OS 1.1 Echo Show no longer runs Netflix.

Running a new OS on a smart display is one thing, but bringing it to Fire devices will be a much larger task. Fire devices have been providing an App Store filled with Android based apps for over a decade.

Experts believe the sheer install base will encourage developers to make necessary changes and tweak their apps.

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