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Amazon Alexa Being Customised For The Office

Amazon’s smart voice assistant Alexa will soon be seen in offices, as Amazon is planning for the device to be installed with voice-activated tools for the office.

The new business feature was announced at its cloud computing conference in Las Vegas earlier this week.

Amazon says these tools will be ones you incorporate into a normal business day including voice commands to print documents, start a video conference and restarting the internet, amongst other things.

Bloomberg News reports Amazon has been wanting to make the Alexa used throughout daily life from adding to a grocery list at home to calling a colleague interstate.

Werner Vogels, CTO at Amazon says “You no longer ever have to dial in a conference ID. Just say ‘Alexa, start the meeting’.

“Once you are used to a more natural way of interacting with your environment, you will not go back. If voice is a natural way to interact with your home, why don’t we build something you can interact with at work as well?”

Reuters reports companies are able to buy an Alexa supported device for employees to share at US$7 per month, per gadget. Companies are also able to enrol its employee’s devices into its business network for US$3 per month, per user.

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