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Alexa Can Now Read Books With Your Kids

Amazon has introduced a new feature which reads books to children, prompting them to participate and helping them with difficult words.

The “Reading Sidekick” feature is available for those with Echo smart speakers and a subscription to Amazon Kids+ and is aimed at children between five and ten.

“With the arrival of Reading Sidekick, we are hopeful we can make reading fun for millions of kids to set them up for a lifetime of learning and a love of reading,” said Marissa Mierow, head of Alexa Education and Learning.

“Alexa provides a welcoming, no-judgment zone and is always ready to help and to read.”

Children can tell Alexa which book they want read to them, and whether or not they will be reading aloud.

Alexa even offers up praise to children, and gives them word when they seem to be stuck on difficult words.

There is also a ‘read-after-me’ mode which does actually what it sounds like, and Alexa will provide data to parents about how often they use the feature.

Reading Sidekick is not yet available in Australia.

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