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Aldi Score Google Chromecast 4K Ultra Deal For $799 Bauhn 58″ 4K UHD TV

Aldi has scored a major coupe with the mass retailer set to release a $799 Bauhn 58” 4K Ultra HD TV compete with Googles new 4K Chromecast Ultra, a device that costs $99 as a standalone device.

This is the first time that an Australian retailer has released both a 4K UHD TV and the highly popular Google 4K Ultra Chromecast in one box.

SmartHouse and ChannelNews will tomorrow post the first review of the new 58” Bauhn TV 4K which not only delivers an excellent 4K display but an impressive streaming capability spanning content from the likes of Netflix and Stan as well as ABC iView, SBS as well as catch up TV from Australian TV networks.

Owners will also be able to play and search for their favourite music from Spotify and Google Music as well as access hundreds of Google hosted apps.

In the past, Bauhn TV’s have been a major hit for Aldi with consumers buying up their 65” Bauhn model that was released earlier this year within hours of the device going on sale.

At one stage management at an Aldi store had to break up an argument between customers over the low-cost Ultra HD TV’s.
What’s different about this deal is the inclusion of the Google Ultra Chromecast streaming dongle with a TV that’s as good as any $2,000 UHD TV being sold by mass retailers.

Chromecast ‘Ultra’ is capable of 4K playback and HDR video it also has an attached ethernet port and improved internal components that make videos load faster and less prone to slowdown.

Not much has changed in the design of the Chromecast Ultra from previous models – it’s the same puck-shape that we saw from last year.

An HDMI cable juts out of one end of the disc while the other hosts a MicroUSB port used for charging – that charging cable, must be plugged into a wall outlet via the included adapter.

Unlike prior Chromecast’s Google has included an ethernet port to the charging cable this plugs into the wall. For anyone who has a router close enough to the Chromecast, or uses Powerline technology to distribute their broadband this allows for faster, more consistent streams over a wired connection, though you won’t necessarily need to connect it via wires to get the speeds necessary for 4K with the Bauhn 58” 4K TV.

Setup is quick and dead-simple You’ll need to use the Google Home app which you download to an Android or Apple TV.

The process takes all of five minutes, most of which are spent actually downloading the Chromecast app from either the Google Play Store or iOS App Store and giving the Ultra minute to download the latest firmware.

You’ll be asked to connect the Chromecast to your home wireless network (unless you’re using a wired connection, of course) and finally you’ll be met with a settings screen that will let you to choose to enable Guest Mode and wallpapers.
It’s that simple.

Immediately you have access to a world of content that has never been available before for a Bauhn TV in Australia.

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