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Alcatel U3 Arrives At Telstra After ZTE Ban

The affordable Alcatel U3 has officially landed at both Telstra and Boost Mobile, following both companies withdrawal of ZTE ‘white label’ devices in recent months.

Whilst the US government has temporarily lift certain sections of ZTE’s ban, it’s unclear whether ZTE devices will re-emerge at both Telstra and Boost Mobile locally.

The 4-inch Alcatel U3 is a Telstra ‘Blue Tick’ certified device, and for $69 features 1GB RAM, 4GB storage and a 5MP rear camera plus 2MP ‘selfie’ camera.

With an operating system several years old, the device’s addition to Telstra’s portfolio reflects a desire to expand in the ultra-affordable smartphone market.

The device is currently locked to Telstra’s network, with further device information available here.

The news follows the local launch of Alcatel’s latest ‘affordable flagship’ range, with it’s most premium device retailing for under $200.

As part of the launch, Alcatel VP and Regional MD South East Asia and Pacific, Sam Skontos, has continued to call upon government intervention to fight an influx in grey market imported smartphones.

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