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Google Set To Make AdSense Content More Like Magazine Ads

Google Set To Make AdSense Content More Like Magazine Ads

The idea is that they will appeal to sites with certain design restrictions said Google.

The search Company claims that their AdSense offering will deliver a better design for customers who use the service. The magazine ads are an effort by Google to make text ads more appealing to AdSense users who have set their preferences to display-only ads for design considerations.

AdSense’s new magazine ads have been designed in a way to reflect the characteristics of ads found in print magazines, where the overall look and page placement count.

 By offering a new approach to text based ads, Google hopes to create an increase in competition “while maintaining a design aesthetic suitable for display.” 

AdSense software engineer Yuheng Kuang said “To optimize revenue, we normally recommend that web sites enable both text and display for ad units, however we recognize that the type of ads featured on a site is also influenced by style preferences”. 

 He added “To that end, we’ve created a new format allowing text advertisers to increase competition on your display-only ad units while maintaining a design aesthetic suitable for display.”

“If a text advertiser is the winning bidder for an ad unit, their ad will appear in the magazine ad format,” Kuang adds. “This format has been designed with print magazine ads in mind, putting a big emphasis on space and typography and displaying a new look distinctive look from our regular text ads” he said.

Publishers with display-only enabled ads on their sites will see magazine ads automatically be set up for their ad units. Web masters can disable them if you don’t like them through the Enhanced display option in the My Ads tab Google claims. 

Google recommends that AdSense users run both display-only and text based ads, but this change will give text advertisers better ground for competition.

 Magazine style ads will be automatically setup according to today’s post, leaving customers with display-only ads to disable them if they wish. For the time being the ads will still show up in the review centre as the text from the advertiser, not the magazine ad.