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A company by the name of castAway has developed a device that will allow iOS and Android smartphone users to add a secondary screen to their device.

The castAway phone case will be available on 12 November on IndieGoGo for an opening backing price of US$199 (AUD 290), beating out the $2000 price tag of the Samsung Galaxy Fold.

CastAway see’s its dual-screen smartphone case as ‘a novel take on solving the challenges of multitasking on the go’ by employing ‘the world’s smallest Chromium tablet’ as a secondary display.

While details are slim, information gathered from its website and Indiegogo campaign preview show the case uses a cross-platform application called MultiTask + to wireless connect the case to your smartphone.

Developers will be able to access the open-source code through GitHub for constructing apps specific to the platform, so expect new updates to the platform following its release.

At this stage, it appears the secondary display may not actually extend the screen space beyond your device, instead of acting as somewhat of a surrogate display whereby the Chromium-based apps will communicate with the host device and display the relevant app or information required.

The castAway case is very similar in design to the second display accessory for the LG G8X, and according to ZDNet, it will be available in either 5.8 and 6.3-inch sizes.

Two USB-C connectors will also be included to enable the case to serve as a portable charger, as well as for mouse and keyboard connectivity.

For more information visit their website here.

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