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Add A Fingerprint Sensor To Any USB Port

Yubico has unveiled a security key with a built-in fingerprint reader set to be compatible with any USB-port for secure access to your computer.

The Yubico YubiKey Bio fingerprint scanner marks the first time the company will offer a security key with built-in fingerprint authentication, a much-requested feature.

Unfortunately, there is no word from Yubico on pricing or availability for the products eventual launch.

First unveiled at Microsoft Ignite, the YubiKey Bio is a collaboration with Yubico to bring ‘ strong hardware-backed biometric authentication to market’ and provide a seamless experience for customers.

According to Joy Chik, Corporate VP of Identity, Microsoft, ‘this new innovation will help drive adoption of safer passwordless sign-in so everyone can be more secure and productive’.

While security keys are typically expensive, they offer hardware-based security to any computer, with the current YubiKey 5 Series starting at $85.

The key itself requires no battery or associated software to operate, needing only a registered fingerprint through the biometric enrollment function on Windows 10 and Azure Active Directory.

Using FIDO 2.0 and WebAuthn standards, the device creates a cryptographic key based on your fingerprint’s image, which never leaves the YubiKey.

The device can store multiple fingerprints and supports both biometric and PIN-based login.

Since the Yubico offers the YubiKey 5Ci for iOS and Android devices, it’s more than likely the company will expand the USB fingerprint to smartphones, meaning iOS users could see the return of fingerprint scan logins for the iPhone.

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