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Ad-Spend Down For Consumer Electronics

New reports claim that consumer electronics marketers have decreased their advertising expenditure in the first quarter of 2017.

According to a new report from Standard Media Index, ad-spend dipped 7.7% “despite the increasing popularity and sophistication of electronic gadgets and cheaper prices.”

“The Consumer Electronics market is obviously testing different media options, for example, they’re using Radio for the first time in a long time, have dramatically reduced their Outdoor spend and even reduced Digital spending. It is a matter of testing different media channels to find the most effective return on their advertising investment in what is an intensely competitive sector,” SMI AU/NZ Managing Director Jane Schulze said.

“However our data shows that it’s not the gadgets, such as Personal Electronics Devices, reducing Digital spending, but the more established CE market such as TV manufacturers.”

Standard Media Index also noted that “last year, Personal Electronic Devices (PEDs) grew their digital ad spend by 16%, while TV/DVD/PVR/Gaming Consoles/Streaming Devices products reduced their digital spend by 10.2%. Radio/DAB/Sound Entertainment contracted their digital ad spend by more than 79%, while cameras/video recorders/products increased their digital spend by 189% last year.”