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ACMA Cracks Down On Crank Calls

The days of those pesky scam callers may be close to over, with the Australian Communications and Media Authority unveiling a strategy to block them permanently.

ACMA’s Combating Scams report recommends new enforceable obligations on telcos and the immediate commencement of trials for a number of scam-reduction initiatives.

The aim is to reduce malicious phone scams, including ones where scammers ring once from an international number with high premium charges for those who call back.

ACMA’s Scam Project chairperson, Fiona Cameron, said the authority will be trialling a Do Not Originate list of safe numbers from organisations such as banks and the Tax Office that will prevent them being used for scams.

She said the telecommunications industry has been working with ACMA to combat the scammers, with one telco successfully blocking three million scam callers in one month alone.

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