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Acer Gears Up For Microsoft’s VR Offensive

Like competitor HP before them, Acer has laid out its intentions to bring a new VR headset to market in time for Microsoft’s Windows 10 Creators Update in April.

According to a statement by the company, “The new HMD will work with affordable laptops and PCs and is designed to enable progressive computing experiences and accelerate the adoption of new and intuitive ways to interact with the world.”

“The lightweight HMDs include a built-in camera for mixed reality applications, and supports high resolutions of up to 1440×1440 for each eye, with built-in sensors capable of inside-out, six-degrees of freedom (DoF) positional tracking for simplified set-up and to allow users to move more freely around while using the device.”

Notably, these new headsets are a separate to the company’s StarVR technology announced back in July.

The company indicated it’ll have the mid-tier headsets available in time for Microsoft’s own VR offensive in April, with the tech arriving at a the highly-flaunted price-point of $299.

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