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Acer Move Into Digital Signage

Acer Australia is looking to expand into the digital signage market after their parent Company cut a deal to deliver advanced content integration for brands who are moving to digital signage over TV and radio.

The Taiwanese Company has partnered with Japan-based software integration service provider sMedio to begin marketing its digital signage products in Japan.

ChannelNews understands that Acer Australia is currently evaluating the Australian market and has actually talked to retailers about instore display systems.

Acer is expected to begin generating profits from their new digital signage business in 2018.

The Acer signage business group was first established in Germany in 2016 and its digital signage products can now be found in German shopping centers, super markets, fast food chains and freeway rest stops. the paper said.

The Company also has 10,000 installments across the US, Taiwan and the Philippines.

sMedio will be responsible of Acer digital signage products’ integration, marketing and installation in Japan as well as after-sale solution support and maintenance.

To expand its reaches, Acer has also invested in Taiwan’s digital signage advertiser PilotTV and will participate in a private placement of digital signage solution provider AOpen.