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Acer Lines Up Gaming Smartwatch For IFA

One area of tech that smartwatches haven’t really made a dedicated play for is the gaming world. Word is that Acer will be looking to fill that niche come this week’s IFA convention in Berlin. 

Reports say the company will be bringing a high-end gaming smartwatch to the conference – though what that means is a little more nebulous.

Smartwatches haven’t made for a great fit for the gaming market thus far.

There have certainly been smartwatch games released but the limited dimensions and functionality of smartwatch screens have presented some major issues them as a platform. 

Gaming accessory company Razor released a gaming smartwatch called the Nabu – but even it was more of a smartwatch for gamers than a gaming smartwatch.

While it’s possible that Acer’s gaming smartwatch could deliver some degree of integration with major game platforms like Xbox or Playstation or publishers like EA or Activision.

However, this would also come with its own set of problems as Acer would be more-or-less pegging the success of their smartwatch on whether or not they can get enough adoption by developers – a strategy that’s proven catastrophic for countless tech companies in the past.

Expect more information to come during IFA, which takes place from the 2nd to the 9th of September.