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Acer + Lenovo Restructure As Microsoft Shafts Both PC Players

Acer + Lenovo Restructure As Microsoft Shafts Both PC Players

Acer who next month will reveal a new generation of PC products at an event in New York is set to be restructured.

The move is aimed at positioning the Company to compete “more efficiently” in new emerging market where cloud computing and data centre management are seen as key revenue generators for the Taiwanese based Company who are a major force in the Australian education and B2B markets.

This year Acer Australia has managed to grow their share of the education and B2B markets according to local management, they are also in the throes of rolling out new online operations for Australian schools and small medium business.

Acer said that they plan to divide its business into three major segments: PC, cloud and data centre management, and re-investment businesses.

The company is currently in the throes of setting up three new entities to handle related businesses and eventually transform itself into a holding company to control the three subsidiaries, said sources.

Acer’s PC business will include PC products, monitors, projectors and servers.

The cloud and data centre business will cover mainly Acer’s BYOC (build your own cloud) and eDC (e-Enabling Data Centre) business units.

The establishment of a holding company will offer more flexibility for Acer to either attract strategic investors or liquidate its subsidiaries, the sources commented, adding the planned holding company may be formed in the second half of 2016.

Acer who are a major player in the PC market is currently under pressure as consumers shun the traditional PC for tablets and smartphones.

Also facing the same pressure is Lenovo who hired former Acer CEO Former Acer CEO Gianfranco Lanci who was recently put in charge of Lenovo’s PC and Smart Devices Group, previously known as the PC Group.

Lanci who was highly successful at Acer, will lead the development of Lenovo’s PC business.

Both Acer and Lenovo are facing stiff competition from within with Microsoft now moving to strip business away from both Acer and Lenovo by offering their own products to traditional Acer and Lenovo customers.

ChannelNews understands that Microsoft is now offering Australian schools discounted Surface PC’s a move that saw Microsoft recently win several accounts away from HP and Toshiba.

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