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Acer Predator Release X35 Gaming Monitor

Acer Predator has announced its powerhouse 35-inch X35 gaming monitor will launch in Australia and New Zealand on August 1, 2019 for A$3,999 (NZ$4,999).

Reflected in its heft price-tag, the monitor claims to be the market’s most powerful gaming tech currently available to Australian players.

The monitor incorporates NVIDIA’s G-SYNC HDR module for smooth, tear-free gaming even in the “most demanding” scenarious – boasting a 200Hz overclockable refresh rate.

The device offers a 21:9 UltraWide aspect ratiom with 2ms response time in overdrive mode.

The processor pledges the ultimate gaming experience with; over 1000 nits brightness, ultra-low latency gameplay, plus strong colour and contrast.

The new Predator X35 supports a VRR range of at least least 2.4:1 – enabling variable refresh rate (VRR) by default and operating at any game frame rate.

The technology claims to avoid “blanking, pulsing, flickering, ghosting or other faults” when put under the pressure of VRR gaming.

The monitor’s VA-panel incorporates Acer HDR Ultra for quality High Dynamic Range contrast, offering 512 direct backlight zones for “the most realistic gaming experience.”

Quantum dot technology offers an ultra-high colour gamut, wth HDR Ultra complementing NVIDIA G-SYNC for darker blacks, brighter lights and vivid contrast.

“The industry is currently in a seminal period of technological development where we’re closing the gap between the gameplay experience of the past and an experience that fully brings the game to life,” asserts Gaba Cheng, General Manager of Products Management for Acer Oceania.

“Along with our partner NVIDIA, we’re committed to pushing the boundaries of the gaming experience to realise its potential and give fans the tools to elevate their game”

“With tear-free visuals, more accurate colour-ranges and contrast, and advanced GPUs, this vision is closer than ever,” said Gaba.

Further information and full product specifications are available on Acer’s website here.

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