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ACCC Curbs Speed Limit For Miniature Motorbikes

The National Watchdog is clamping down on miniature motorbikes in Australia with new safety regulations that include a speed limit of 30km/h and new warning signs.

Designed to strengthen consumer protection for young and inexperienced riders, the new rules were accepted by the Minister for Housing and Assistant Treasurer the Hon Michael Sukkar.

Under the new regulations, miniature motorbike manufacturers are required to:

  • add warning statements to guide children, parents and carers about their safe use; including a warning for adult supervision
  • add speed limit devices to allow inexperienced or younger riders to develop their skills before riding at higher speeds
  • regulate high-speed electric-powered miniature motorbikes

The new safety standards, however, excludes smaller road legal motorbikes, small off-road bikes and vehicles with a max speed of 30 km/h like toys, e-bikes and e-scooters.

Suppliers will have a 12-month transition period to implement the new regulations found in the Consumer Goods (Miniature Motorbikes) Safety Standard 2019.

It comes following changes to ACT legislation to legalise e-scooters on footpaths and shared roadways.

Under the new laws, which come into effect on Friday, e-scooter riders will be able to ride on the footpath at a maximum 15km/h and the road at 25km/h.

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