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ACCC Sets New Safety Standard For Aquatic Toys

The ACCC has updated the mandatory safety standard for aquatic toys to better protect children using inflatable aquatic toys.

Under the new mandatory standard, aquatic toys must carry a warning statement, advertising material cannot state or imply that a child will be safe if left unsupervised with such a toy, and toys must meet the design and performance requirements for air inlets.

“The updated consumer standard maintains consumer protections and is an important reminder that parents and carers should only purchase safe, approved products that meet the requirements of the mandatory standard,” ACCC Deputy Chair Delia Rickard said.

“It is crucial for parents and carers to remember that aquatic toys are not flotation aids and are never a substitute for constant and competent supervision.”

Now, suppliers can comply with either the latest Australian standard or the trusted overseas ISO standard. This is expected to save Australian businesses $1 million per annum through greater access to global markets and reduced compliance costs. This will also result in greater choice and lower prices of safe aquatic toys for Australian consumers.

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