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ACCC Gives Salesforce Slack Takeover The All Clear

The ACCC will not stand in the way of Salesforce’s acquisition of team collaboration software platform Slack, saying it would be unlikely to disadvantage competitors.

The $37.6 billion agreement, signed last year, will see Salesforce integrate Slack services into its products.

According to ACCC Chair Rod Sims, the competition watchdog did not believe the deal would prevent either Salesforce’s CRM rivals, or Slack’s opposition in the collaboration space, from competing in either market; most interested parties did not raise concerns, he said.

“Market participants said that if Salesforce engaged in anti-competitive bundling or foreclosure conduct, customers could switch to alternative CRM solutions, including global enterprise software companies such as Microsoft, Oracle, SAP and Adobe.

“Similarly, customers could switch to alternative team collaboration solutions, such as Microsoft Teams,” said Sims.

Sims noted that, as Salesforce and Slack mostly supply different software for different purposes, there is little direct competitive overlap between the two companies.

“We consider, due to commercial and reputational risks, that Salesforce would be unlikely to disadvantage competitors by degrading interoperability between Salesforce’s CRM solution and competitors’ team collaboration solutions, or between Slack’s team collaboration solution and competitors’ CRM solutions,” he said.

Salesforce has indicated it will pursue inroads into the Australian market for Slack following the purchase.

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