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ABI Points To Smart Home Cybersecurity Concerns

Amid the growth of the smart home industry, ABI Research has noted the need for security measures to be addressed at a product design level.

ABI forecasts 360 million smart home device shipments by 2020, however, notes “many companies are leaving major security flaws in the wake of their hurried attempts to penetrate the market, producing products riddled with bugs and unpatched vulnerabilities”.

ABI said that at a design level ignoring cybersecurity “provides a wide-open door for malicious threat actors to exploit smart home products”.

“We see an alarming increase in ransomware in smart TVs and IP cameras, code injection attacks, evidence of zero-day threats, and password eavesdropping for smart locks and connected devices,” Dimitrios Pavlakis, ABI industry analyst, said.

“The current state of security in the smart home ecosystem is woefully inadequate. Smart home device vendors need to start implementing cybersecurity mechanisms at the design stage of their products.” – Channel News

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