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LG PenTouch TV: HDTV Sensitive To The Touch

LG PenTouch TV: HDTV Sensitive To The Touch

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Creative: LG PenTouch TV

According to big Picture Big Sound, PenTouch Mode is easily activated through the TV’s remote control and allows users to work on files saved to their computer, draw pictures straight on the TV screen and organise a family calendar.

The TVs don’t only handle work stuff with plenty of net content to keep users entertained. There’s also the potential for games since it is compatible with two pens simultaneously. After a good session, the pen can be charged through a basic USB port.

“Touch displays have become the norm in mobile phones and tablets, but remain almost unheard of in TVs,” said Jay Vandenbree, senior VP of LG USA’s home entertainment division.

“The PenTouch TV brings all the excitement of touch displays, computers and the Internet to the world of television, with functions and programs that are great fun and really educational. Families, in particular, will have more than ever to enjoy on LG PenTouch TV plasma screens.”

In addition to its Pen wizardry is a scratch resistant screen (handy when scribbling on it), auto sharpness control and colour materialization technology. Its characterised by LG’s TruSlim frame design and an ergonomic stand that makes using the PenTouch feature a little easier.

The LG PenTouch TV range is not compatible with Windows 7 starter edition, nor Mac computers at present.

LG recommend the PenTouch TVs are paired with computers that feature dual-core 2GHz or better CPU, 1GB or more of memory, a 500MB or more HDD, a graphics card with 1920×1080 (for PZ850 series) or 1024×768 (for PV490 series), and an RGB or HDMI connection. The Windows 7 (32 or 64 bit) OS is preferred, but all three TVs will also work with 32 bit Windows XP and 23 and 64 bit Windows Vista.