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Toshiba Tab Killers Go Uber Thin

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Image credit: Notebook Italia.

Running on Honeycomb, the new tab will have massive storage capacity coming in 8-32GB models and have been branded ‘killer’ models by Notebook Italia, who uncovered the details, putting them on par with ‘thinner, lighter’ iPad 2 and other Android size zero rivals. 

 The 10″ Thrive will also come in a matrix of colours, a brushed-metal finish on the cover and “completely surrounded by a chrome frame crossed by a central groove.” 
 And Toshiba doubters should take note: the Thrive maker was the real originator of the tablet and the first to launch an AMD tab (pre iPad), with JournE touch unveiled at IFA in September 2009. 
 The Japanese maker recently announced Android 3.0 Toshiba Tablet (AT100), ditching the ‘Thrive’ name for Down Under, powered by NVIDIA Tegra, retailing for $579.
It would thus follow suit the soon-to-be unveiled new Thrive may not carry that name here. 

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Toshiba AT 100 Tablet
All will be revealed at IFA electronics show, taking place in Berlin from September 2-7.