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REVEALED: Telstra NBN Pricing $49 + 50GB

The new Telstra fixed line broadband bundles including the new NBN release sites in NSW, Qld and Victoria were announced today, after months of speculation on the pricing strategy Aussie’s biggest telco would pursue, after rivals Internode and Optus, released their pricing last year. 
Residents in the NBN’s first release sites in Armidale, Kiama Downs, Townsville, Brunswick and Willunga can take up Telstra’s  new  broadband plans with download speeds of 25Mbps or “up to” 100Mbps, depending on the chosen plan, the telco said today. 

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Telstra NBN roadshow is spreading the fibre broadband word.

Telstra’s  new broadband packages with higher data allowances start at  $49.95 with 50GB data and also come in $69.95 (200GB data) and $89.95 plan comes with a massive 500GB data.
Its chief rival Optus’ NBN consumer plans start at $10 less at $39 with 40GB (20GB peak/off-peak) of data – 10GB less than Telstra’s $49 deal – while its business plan start at $59. Telstra has yet to unveil its NBN business deals.
Internode’s NBN plans announced in July, start at $59 a month for 30GB data. 
Telstra’s other NBN ready bundles (phone and broadband) and WiFi modem start at $80 a month for 50GB data with “unlimited” local calls and up to 25 Mbps download speeds.
Other options include $90 (200GB), while the $100 (200GB) and $130 (500GB) options come with unlimited local calls and calls to Telstra Mobiles, while the $150 (500GB) bundle comes with all you can eat phone national calls. 
However, these deals are only available for those users who are on a “full service” Telstra home phone plan, HomeLine Plus, and for an extra $10 per month customers can move to the higher speed plan (up to 100Mbps). 
All bundles are based on a 2 year plan (HomeLine Plus costs an $31.95 per month), plus a “standard” $349 installation fee. 
All new offers go on sale tomorrow.
All of Telstra’s existing HomeLine voice plans will be available in the NBN first release sites over its existing copper network and customers in new NBN enabled estates will have access to HomeLine Budget, HomeLine Plus, HomeLine Reach and HomeLine Ultimate plans on the NBN. 
Eligible customers will also continue to have access to Telstra’s Pensioner Discount Scheme, it confirmed. 
Chief Customer Officer, Gordon Ballantyne said the new bundles with larger data allowances recognised that many homes now have a range of new internet-enabled data hungry devices such as the T-Box, T-Hub, smartphones (like the iPhone) and tablets. 
These devices provide access to movie downloads, on-demand content and sophisticated websites performing best with greater speed and data allowances.
“We designed the new bundles to allow people to use their devices with confidence, knowing they have data allowances that meet their needs,” he said. 
“These bundles partner the home phone up with Australia’s best mobile network – it’s a winning combination.”

Over the past six months more than 500 customers have trialled Telstra services over the NBN, it revealed today. 
It has also set up an NBN dedicated call centre to manage customer inquiries and now  has 5000 technical staff trained to help its millions of customers transition to fibre broadband.
Telstra’s NBN roadshow is also kicking off  this week–called Fibre Experience Centre–which will be travelling to NBN rollout locations, demoing to locals a hands-on experience of Telstra NBN service. 
The Telstra Fibre Experience Centre will visit the five mainland NBN first release sites, starting in Kiama Downs in NSW from the end of this week to 16 March.