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A1 Global Media Fails To Respond To Dodgy Audio Award Handout

Serious questions are being asked about a UK Company, A1 Global media who via a subsidiary operation APAC Insider picked little known Melbourne based distributor Final Link Audio as the Best Audio Products Importer 2021.

Shane Lewis a director at Final Link Audio swears that he does not have a clue how the Company chose his businesses for the Australian Enterprise Award.

He also told us that his business did not nominate themselves for the questionable award.

See original story here.

What ChannelNews has been able to establish is that other businesses who have suddenly been given a gong by the UK Company, who also publish several other publications such as Build, CEO Monthly and SME News have asked Companies for money after picking them as a winner of one of their awards.

According to the APAC Insider web site information on their Awards is distributed to 160,000 leaders and decision makers.

See questionable list of winners here.

There is no evidence that these decision makers are actually based in Australia or whether they are the collective databases of the business who spruik their services to various Companies worldwide.

The Company has failed to respond to several of our emails and calls to three executives in the Burton On Trent UK business, whose telephone numbers are listed on their web site went straight to a voice message including their main switchboard number.

We have failed to get answers as to how this Company operates and above all what was the criteria for picking Final Link Audio a Company that has a limited profile in Australia.

Their APAC Insider operation which appears to operate very similar to their MEA Markets (Middle East & Africa) operation generates revenue writing profiles about businesses and then asking them for what they label a “promotional package” investment.

A visit to their website also reveals over 100 winners of awards in 2021 with several winners also claiming that they don’t “have a clue” as to how they came to be chosen. One such winner is Sydney based shopping trolly Company Super Cart Australia.


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