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A Brilliant New Light from BenQ That Makes Monitor Viewing Easier On the Eyes

Every so often a product comes along that despite its simplicity one falls in love with, and you don’t want to let go.

This happened to me recently when a rather large box arrived at my office, inside was a light, from a Company called BenQ, who are best known for their high quality monitors and projectors.1448268323

This was no ordinary light, it was not only a technologically advanced light but as I discovered later it delivered a massive advantage in that it seriously protected my eyes which is a real concern for me, as I spend hours every day in front of a display monitor.

Once the packaging which was more about protection than size, was stripped away, I found a very sleek ergonomically designed light that looked seriously stylish.

This light is designed around WiT LED lighting technology which is designed to improve one’s eye-care and sleep patterns.

Several Companies including Apple and Samsung have worked on improving display screen viewing, even Philips had a crack with their Ambilight technology.Capture

What this light does is take away the blues from your desktop display screen when you stare at it.

The average “lamp” shines a beam of light on a particular area – so for those with a lamp on their work desk, you are only getting a bright light in one spot which on most cases is over the keyboard.

What is missing is high contrast lighting to surrounding areas.

With its curved design and innovative LED lighting the WiT pushes light across your entire work space.

All you have to do is touch the light to turn it on.

Within seconds the light sensors on board delivers a significantly improved light to the monitor area. You also have the ability to adjust the light temperature with the BenQ WiT.Tech Light 2

This light also features Wide lighting up to 90 cm range which is 150% wider than typical lamps. The intelligent controls to detect illuminance in an environment and deliver the best light to balance contrast glare.

You can also customise your own brightness and colour temperature for different scenarios to suit your needs.

This is one product that is set to stay on my desk and at $249 this is a must have product if you seriously value your eyes.

Rating 5/5

Retail Price: $249

Tech Light 3

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