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It’s Offical Adobe Retail Spending Research Report Was “Dodgy”


Adobe who appears to be suffering from poor PR after the
recent appointment of a new PR manager, now claims that their Adobe Digital
Index which predicted retail spending of $189 million in 24 hours during the
recent Click Frenzy sale was flawed and what they intended to say was that the spending
forecast related to all online sales not just the Click Frenzy 24 hour sale.

What is not known is whether the mistake was caused by
Edelman PR who initially failed to issue the release to ChannelNews claiming
“We were not aware that ChannelNews covered the retail market or IT spending”
or their new PR manager who came from the Australian Media and Marketing

Adobe, who claim to be experts at design and accuracy and a
Company who is now investing in a research division that can predict retail
spending, has failed to explain why it took so long for them to work out
that there was a mistake in their original research press release.

 We called their
research “dodgy” back on the 7th of November, their correction press
release was issued on the 21st of November some two weeks after we called them

When we challenged Adobe’s predictions about retail spending
and their claims that mobile transactions would be 11% this year, Adobe’s
internal PR Manager Simon Canning said that “Adobe stands by their
research” this was despite the fact that several retailers and analysts
along with a major online retailer were reporting that retailers were already
getting over 40% of their transactions via a mobile device.

As one editor said of Adobe I ‘m sure they do regret it.
There must have been a fair bit of faecal matter hitting the cooling blades at
Click Frenzy, Adobe and Edelman as things were clarified. Strong words would
have been exchanged. Senior PR people don’t issue corrections out of hours
unless someone’s well and truly got their knickers in a knot.