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Polk Brings Two New Rugged Swimmer Speakers To Oz

Polk Brings Two New Rugged Swimmer Speakers To OzPolk states the Swimmer Duo, which is wrapped in a silicone casing to withstand hard drops, features several upgrades to the original Swimmer design, with it now allowing two units to be linked wirelessly to create a stereo pair, “creating a discrete, more enriched immersive listening experience that pumps out louder and more natural sound”.

The Swimmer Duo also features a built-in speakerphone, allowing users to take calls directly from the speaker, while an extra 3 cm has been added to the flexible tail attachment, allowing users to securely loop the device to objects such as a paddle, bike handle bar, pole or tree branch.

The Swimmer Duo’s tail is also detachable, allowing it to be swapped with an included suction cup for sticking to flat surfaces such as a window or shower wall.

The compact Swimmer Jr. features a hard shell with a silicone bumper around the grille for protection, and also has speakerphone capabilities, and along with the Swimmer Duo offers certified shock and drop resistance and a waterproof IPX level 7 rating,  allowing it to be submerged in 1 metre of water for up to 30 minutes.

“Pushing the limits of where you can take sound is the core of what drives us,” Polk BOOM founder Ryan Minarik commented.

“With the development of Swimmer Duo and Swimmer Jr., our primary goals were to pack as much punch into the smallest-sized speakers while extending the flexibility of placement and amplifying the soundstage via stereo linking. We believe these updates continue to provide and expand a ‘Ready 4 Anything’ listening experience.”

Steve Siolis, Directed Electronics managing director, distributor of Polk BOOM products in Australia and New Zealand, noted that the original Swimmer “was a huge success in Australia”, with the launch the Swimmer Duo and Swimmer Jr. to “no doubt continue that great story” with trade partners and their customers.

The Swimmer Duo (with colours including monochromatic black, blue and orange) and Swimmer Jr. (monochromatic black, blue and grey with a mint green bumper) retail for $99.00 and $79.00, respectively, with both models available now at JB Hi-Fi and other retailers.