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$999 E-Bike From ALDI Special Buys

That’s right, ALDI is going to be selling an electric bike for just $999 come 14 December for their Special Buys campaign.

Coming from Cell, the Ultimo E1.0 Urban Electric Bike will go on sale at ALDI stores on 14 December making electronically-assisted cycling more affordable than ever.

Two models will be available from ALDI a step-through frame and a classic variant, both sporting a 374Wh battery for up to 50km of riding on a single charge.

Fortunately, the battery is also removable, allowing users to swap them out when they get old, or if you have extra room in your backpack, you can bring along a spare battery.

And thanks to an included USB port, you can even charge your devices on the go, with a phone mount included as well.

The bike even comes with a companion smartphone app called Entity Ride that provides information as your cycling, like maps and fitness tracking.

Boasting a Shimano 7 Speed shifter the e-bike can operate just like a normal pushbike when out of charge, but with the flick of a switch, you can power the bike via the onboard battery pack.

Cell Bikes first appeared on the scene in 2002 with market stall and eBay direct sales, before relaunching in partnership with ALDI for their Special Buys program this year.

The classic model is suitable for riders between 160 and 197cm, with the step-through design suited to 154 to 187cm.

Much like any other modern pushbike, the seat on both models is easily adjustable without the need for tools and comes fitted with front and rear lights for visibility.

For anyone wanting to spend a little extra, Cell offers their flagship Ultimo E2.0 Classic Urban E-Bike for $1499.

The top tier model offers reflective Kenda tyres with puncture resistance, a Shimano 9 Speed drivetrain and a suspension seat post for extra comfort while riding.

Trevor Long of EFTM even managed to fit a JBL speaker on the back of the bike, showing just how much you can carry around with the affordable E-Bike.

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