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Ken Ishiwata, The Rockstar Of Hi-Fi Has Died

Legendary Hi-Fi figure Ken Ishiwata has passed away at the age of 72, with the brand ambassador for Marantz bowing out for the final time.

Following an illness, Ishiwata passed away on 25 November this year, resulting in an outpouring of well-wishes from fans, supporters and those familiar with the Marantz products.

Remaining the brand ambassador for Marantz until very recently, Ishiwata was the flagbearer for the audio company, working to ensure the production of the highest quality products possible.

An influencer before influencers were contained to Instagram and social media, Ishiwata’s life spanned decades of audio innovations and development from the early days of CD players to the birth of streaming.

A man respected by the industry, an enthusiastic ambassador and an all-round audiophile, Ken Ishiwata will be sorely missed by the wider sound community, with his legacy living on in his love for music.

Marantz sent out an official comment stating that ‘because Ken was so versatile and talented in many fields… Let’s keep him in our memories whenever we enjoy music.

I will leave you with this quote from Ken that truly sums up his passion for audio.

“Music is the highest form of art. It is also the most noble. It is human emotion, captured, crystallised, encased… and then passed on to others.”


Ken Ishiwata 1947-2019

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