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Consumer Drone Market Takes Off

Consumer Drone Market Takes OffJuniper notes that usage has already extended beyond
the core base of hobbyists, spurred by a drop in retail price and increased
functionality of devices  – and the market is becoming increasingly

The research says that while companies like DJI currently dominate the
mid-priced and prosumer dronemarket, an increasing number of players are
targeting the low-tier sector.

New entrants, such as China-based companies Syma Toys and Hubsan, have grown
out of the toy radio-controlled model aircraft industry, joining those that
supply complementary devices and components to the unmanned aerial vehicle
(UAV) market, such as GoPro.

Growth of the market is also bringing associated security issues, with Juniper
cautioning that drones’ use of unlicensed spectrum and reliance on GPS leaves
them at a possible risk of being hacked.

Juniper notes that there are also growing concerns related to privacy, amid
fears UAVs could be used for purposes such as stalking or criminal surveillance
of a property. – Channel News