According to Bloomberg, the Amazon will be making the identification and delisting of fake goods a major priority for 2017.

Reports say the online shopping giant is in currently the process of working with major brands across the US and Europe to establish a registry of recognized sellers.

Bloomberg says that “Amazon teams will encourage brands — even those that don’t sell on Amazon — to register with the online store, the person said. Once registered, Amazon requires any marketplace merchants listing those products to prove that they have the brand’s permission to sell them online.”

“Amazon began experimenting with the registry earlier this year with Nike and other companies. The bigger push in 2017 will target thousands of large companies, including those that have been reluctant to sell on Amazon because of knock-offs.”

In addition to the introduction of the registry, the company also started aggressively pursuing those caught selling fake goods through litigation, fees, fines and public exposure.

However, with over 2 million independent sellers on Amazon, it’s going to an uphill battle for the company. The system they’ve designed makes the process of selling goods online as easy and quick as possible.

“Amazon has zero tolerance for the sale of counterfeit items on our site,” Amazon said in a statement.