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“Pay-By-The-Wrist”: Swatch Partners With Visa

"Pay-By-The-Wrist": Swatch Partners With VisaSwatch states that the Swatch Bellamy can be used globally, anywhere contactless, NFC-based Visa payments are accepted.

The Swatch Bellamy was unveiled last month in China, with Swatch at the time announcing partnerships with China UnionPay and Bank of Communications.

“The new Swatch Bellamy watches have all the fun, colour and great design that Swatch is famous for – and a built-in NFC chip hidden under the dial,” Swatch states of the Swatch Bellamy.

“Like a prepaid bankcard, a Swatch Bellamy watch allows customers to pay for items using merchants’ contactless POS terminals. Pay-by-the-wrist transactions require absolutely no energy at all from the watch itself, meaning customers can expect the usual battery life of a Swatch.”

Swatch states that the Swatch Bellamy, in collaboration with Visa, is scheduled to be initially available in the US, Switzerland and Brazil in early 2016.