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Telstra Roll out Family Multi Plan With Dollops Of Content

Telstra Roll out Family Multi Plan With Dollops Of Content

The new Go Mobile plans were introduced by John Chambers, Executive Director Telstra Mobile who said Go Mobile plans offer Australians more value, the flexibility to create family-friendly packages and more content with the choice of a bonus AFL Live Pass, NRL, Digital Pass for 12 months or a 6 months bonus Presto subscription.

From tomorrow, customers taking up Go Mobile plans can:

. Connect additional mobiles to a base Go Mobile handset or casual plan by using a new $40 companion SIM that includes unlimited voice, SMS and MMS to standard Australian numbers and comes with data sharing enabled (min cost $75/month with a $35 Go Mobile Casual plan).

. Get data devices like SIM-ready tablets online by adding a $5 per month Data Sharing SIM to their base plan (min cost $40/month with a $35 Go Mobile Casual plan).

. Share data automatically across all eligible plans on a single family or household account to make sure everyone gets the most out of included data allowances.

. Help keep kids safe by setting up Telstra Mobile Protect on kids’ mobile and tablet services.

. Have the option to get the latest smartphone or tablet every 12 months for a once off redemption fee when they sign up to a new eligible 24 month plan and handset contract.

“For instance, if mum and dad each connect to a $70 Go Mobile Casual plan, they could connect two additional mobiles for their kids by adding two $40 unlimited voice and text Data Share SIMs.¬†

This allows the family to share 12 GB of data and enjoy cost certainty with unlimited national voice and SMS every month.” (monthly min cost $220)

More sports and entertainment
Customers taking up Go Mobile and new Go Business plans tomorrow will also receive their pick of a bonus
12-month NRL Digital Pass, or AFL Live Pass, or a bonus 6-month Presto subscription (data charges may apply).

These bonus subscriptions mean Telstra customers with compatible devices can catch the on-field action on
the go or enjoy a range of on-demand TV shows such as The Walking Dead, Modern Family or Sons of Anarchy.

“We know many of our customers are fanatical about their footy so we’re really pleased to be able to bring together the speed, coverage and reliability of Australia’s best mobile network with some of the nation’s top sports apps to bring our customers closer to the action,” Mr Chambers said.

“Fans can watch games live on their smartphone or tablet and access exclusive content like live stats and post-match press conferences. And streaming is unmetered with your smartphone directly connected to the
Telstra Mobile Network on Go Mobile and other eligible plans.”

Telstra is also including a free cyber safety tool that allows parents to set time-of-day limits on calls and mobile web use, block unwanted calls and texts and choose the mobile web content that can be accessed on mobile devices.”