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Lenovo To Release Brand New Lenovo Designed + Developed Motorola Smartphone Q4

Lenovo To Release Brand New Lenovo Designed + Developed Motorola Smartphone Q4

According to the company’s chairman and chief executive, Yang Yuanqing the Company has several new Motorola branded models in development at Lenovo with the new range set to be revealed at IFA in September. 

“We have many new models in development with the Moto brands,” he said, “so you may see in summer us launching some very exciting products, including phones and watches.”

ChannelNews understands that Lenovo will not release a Lenovo branded smartphone in Australia instead the Company will look to grow their share of the premium Android market up against Samsung, HTC and LG. 

“Moto and Lenovo have different brand positions, so we try to leverage these two brands to maximise our marketshare in a particular market,” said Liu Jun, president of Lenovo’s mobile business group.

“Our global strategy is a two-brand strategy, which means if there is a market demand, we would like to bring both brands in that market. In South East Asia, for example, we will probably bring the Motorola brand to market.”

Colin Giles, Motorola’s global sales leader, said that Lenovo will invest more heavily in Motorola in markets that already have strong brand awareness and that includes Australia.

Retailers such as JB Hi Fi and Harvey Norman are believed to have already been briefed on Lenovo’s Motorola’s plans for the Australian market. 

All three carriers are believed to have expressed an interest in selling the new range of Lenovo developed Motorola branded smartphones and watches. 

The Motorola models currently on sale were developed by Google who sold the Motorola brand to Lenovo last year.  

“We’re deeply committed to building the Moto brand. Having said that, when you’re scaling the business you have to make choices, so we’re focusing on proven markets.” he said, Australia is seen as one of those markets. 
Although Lenovo claims to be open to other software ecosystems, like Windows, Mr Giles said that Motorola would continue using the Android platform for the foreseeable future despite heavy lobbying by Microsoft for the Company to release a Windows based smartphone. 

“There are no plans to start launching operating systems other than Android. One of the key differentiators for us is the pure Android experience, and we’re deeply proud of that, because we believe it brings a much better software experience to consumers, and faster upgrades,” he said.