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Windows Phones “Hard To Sell”

Windows Phones "Hard To Sell"Huawei has ditched plans to develop mobiles on the Windows platform due to slower than expected sales.

A senior exec at the worlds third largest phone maker, globally, admitted the devices were “hard to sell.”

“We used to invest in Windows for several products but they didn’t have good sales. [It was] hard to sell, and recently our Windows investment was suspended,” Huawei’s VP consumer business group marketing, Shao Yang, told The Register.

He said “the biggest problem is that Windows is not easy to develop independently on this platform. A lot of things are defined by Windows; they [Microsoft] leave [a] very small space for vendors to develop.”

Huawei currently sells multiple smartphones in Australia including Ascend P7 all running on the Google Android platform, a strategy which has delivered the Chinese corporation much success.  Recently, it unveiled one of the thinnest phones ever, the P7, and also a smartie with a sapphire screen. 

“For us, Android is the best choice,” Yang added. ¬†