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Next-Generation ELAN gSC Controllers Now Available In Oz

Next-Generation ELAN gSC Controllers Now Available In OzThe gSC2 and gSC10 are “the fastest and most scalable controllers ELAN has ever produced”,  featuring ELAN’s new control platform, delivering Linux-based architecture designed for faster installation, broader device compatibility and easier operation.

Both controllers can be powered over Ethernet, drawing less than 4 W and 5 W, respectively, with the controllers including the intuitive ELAN configurator, making it easier for the installer by personalising the system.

Joe Lautner, Core Brands director of control, noted both controllers incorporate a major upgrade of the ELAN control platform for residential and commercial markets.

“Our new Linux-based platform delivers even faster performance, easier installation, broader device compatibility and greater scalability,” Lautner stated.

“The new gSC controllers integrate full control functionality that equals the pro functionality of the HC series.”

Both controllers support applications in residential, light commercial, hospitality and corporate environments, and can operate in either master or extender mode, with native applications controlling media, climate, lighting and shades, security systems, door locks, IP cameras, pool and spa, and irrigation.

The rack-mounted gSC10 is designed to maximise connectivity with serial, IR, automation and relay connections for automating functions such as drapes, gates and garage doors, with the gSC2 suited to a structured wiring distribution centre for more limited direct control while using Ethernet I/O extension.

Melbourne-based AV distributor QualiFi advises the gSC2 and gSC10 controllers retail at $1,999 and $3,199, respectively.