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LG Front-Loaders Receive Choice Recognition

LG Front-Loaders Receive Choice RecognitionLG’s 8 kg WD14024D6 model took out top position, with the 7 kg WD12021D6 and 8.5 kg WD14130D6 models ranked second and third, respectively, in the April 2015 edition of Choice magazine, with Choice considering factors including dirt removal, rinse performance, gentleness, water efficiency, noise and brand reliability.

The WD14024D6, which performed strongly in all categories, scored one of the highest scores out of any front-loader tested for gentleness and spin efficiency, LG advised.

The front-loaders are equipped with a range of features, including 6 Motion Direct Drive, which uses a combination of six different motions to deliver customised washing actions, and Smart Diagnosis, which, should an error occur, works in conjunction with a smartphone and the LG app, allowing the washer to “talk for itself” to find a solution to help save time.

“To be rated as best-in-category by a non-biased consumer publication is a confirmation for LG that we deliver top-quality washing machines to Australian consumers,” Phillip Anderson, LG Electronics Australia head of public relations, commented of the results.