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LG Calls On The Dark Side Of Batman In OLED Video That is Similar To Sony TV Commercial

LG Calls On The Dark Side Of Batman In OLED Video That is Similar To Sony TV Commercial
LG Calls On The Dark Side Of Batman In OLED Video That is Similar To Sony TV Commercial

They have also invested in mandala designer Kathy Klein in an effort to sell the colour difference that LG claims OLED delivers, however elements of the video when coloured balloons are released to float among people and buildings is a dead ringer for the famous Sony TV video when coloured balls were used to highlight the advanced colour of Sony Trinitron TV technology. 
New LG OLED Video
Eight Year Old Sony Commercial
Right now Samsung along with several other brands claim that consumers are being asked to pay a premium for LG OLED technology that is not yet mature or widely accepted.  
Famous across the world for using organic material in her artwork, Klein says that nearly all competing display formats are unable to effectively capture her art, distorting colours and designs. 
She said “Working with OLED TV was really fascinating because it was able to display my artwork distortion-free”.
The new campaign is online only. 
Last month LG Australia issued a press release bragging about their online viral marketing campaign for their G4 smartphone, yet when the IDC sales data for the quarter was revealed the LG G4 was not even in the top five smartphones sold in Australia in the last quarter, even Alcatel One Touch outsold the LG G4 which despite being an excellent smartphone is suffering from poor marketing and the use of overseas creative in Australia. 
One of the video’s in the campaign called Colourful Sensation in Black, features hundreds of individuals running through a modern European cityscape garbed completely in black. 
Mixing elements of park and performance art, the runners move silently through the city, scaling walls and forming massive black backdrops that help to highlight the vibrant colours of daily life. 
The video encourages viewers to look at the objects that they encounter from a different perspective and helps underscore the importance of black in appreciating colour.
In the first and second quarter of 2015 LG Display sales surpassed Samsung Display, however the bulk of LG Display sales was traditional LED and UHD panels and not OLED.
In the third quarter Samsung took the lead back from LG however Samsung Display is expected to be neck and neck with LG Display running into the peak fourth quarter.
Analysts claim that Samsung is expected to surpass LG Display due to its expanded production of small- to medium-size OLED panels.
Most of Samsung Display’s display demand in the fourth quarter is expected to come from orders for Samsung Electronics’ Galaxy series smartphone display screens.
Samsung said recently that they are shrinking their global production capacity for LCD TVs in 2015.
LG Display is currently witnessing a slowdown in orders from Apple who is yet to make a decision on their supplier for their next generation of iPhone. 
According to Analysts in Korea Samsung has reduced its TV production capacity by over 11 million units since the beginning of 2015 until the end of September due to weakening TV demand.
As of the end of September capacity reached 33.47 million, down from 44.8 million a year earlier.
 This represents the largest capacity decline over the last five years. 
The company expects its capacity to reach 45 million units for 2015, down from 63 million in 2014, which is also another record drop.
TV shipments are expected to see only slight on-year growth in 2015 and 2016, according to various market estimations.