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Aussie Hackers: Govt Wants You

Aussie Hackers: Govt Wants You

The ASD is advertising for experienced techie types with the experience to put  themselves in the mind of a hacker. Successful candidates will join the spook force as “penetration testers’ or “intrusion analysts”. 

The campaign comes after the ASD responded to 1131 cyber security incidents last year, a 20 per cent increase on 2013 levels. More than half were said to have been sponsored by foreign governments.

Cyber Security Centre director Major-General Stephen Day has described penetration testers as people who “can put themselves into the shoes of a hacker to understand their techniques, use them to test system security and provide meaningful security advice”.

Intrusion analysts are “people who can follow the clues to work out how a system or network was broken into, what information the hacker took, who the hacker is and why the hacker targeted the system or network”.

“We require critical thinkers who can think outside the normal bounds of cyber-security to understand current cyber-security threats and techniques and anticipate future security hazards,” Day told The Australian.