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‘Showrooming’ Rife In Tech Retail

That’s according to Canstar Blue study, which shows that Gen Y Aussies are three times more likely than older Baby Boomers to research a product in store before scanning the web for a cheaper bargain, a phenomena known as “showroooming.”

However, only one in three feel guilty for doing so. 

But its no big surprise to retailers that this is occurring, says Canstar Blue spokesman, Simon Downes. 

However, retailers will hope that once they gave advice consumer might go their online store to buy the product but “its out of their hands” he admits. No specific reason was given for the trend, but it seems, price is fairly obvious one.  

There has been no significant increase in the numbers ‘showrooming’, this year it was 24%, last year it stood at 21%.

The Best Guys

Online retail currently stands at just 6.6% of traditional bricks and mortar sales, it still a relatively small  sector. The Good Guys also won the Canstar Blue Most Satisfied Customers Award – Electronics Retailers, ahead of rivals Harvey Norman, Dick Smith and JB Hi-Fi.

Its the fourth year in a row the retailer, established in 1952, has got top marks from consumers for their point of sales advice. 

The Good Guys scored five-star ratings across all criteria – value for money, product range and store layout and overall satisfaction.

Harvey Norman and JB Hi-Fi  received four-star ratings overall, while consumers were not as endeared to Dick Smith and Bing Lee, who scored three stars.

The study found that quality customer service was of the utmost importance to Aussies looking to make a purchase from an tech retailer.

“Good point of sale service is even more important than the feeling of getting good value for money, our research shows,” said Downes. 

“Most Aussies are looking for good, well-informed sales people to assist them in their purchase decision-making process and this was an area The Good Guys performed very well in. 

Cathy Rennie Matos, The Good Guys Manager – Marketing Services, said “Receiving such widespread positive feedback regarding our customer service from Australian consumers is extremely humbling for our team, as it reinforces the hard work and serious commitment within the organisation to making The Good Guys not only a great place to shop but a great place to work.”

The survey, of more than 1,500 Australians, who purchased a tech gadget from an electronics retailer in the last six months, also reveals one quarter will splurge on the “must-have” gadgets and many then never use it.

One in four say they have electronic gadgets they regret buying because they are unnecessary.

The Canstar Blue survey also shows that 30% of Aussies spend more time reading catalogues from Dick Smit and Co than they do reading books. 

‘Electronics envy’ when visiting friends and family was also reported to be rife.