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New HTC 13MP Selfie HTC Desire Eye Smartphone Revealed

New HTC 13MP Selfie HTC Desire Eye Smartphone Revealed

A key component of the new smartphone is a suite of imaging software and a13MP front and rear camera that HTC claims captures detailed image that allows users to zoom, crop and print images with ease, the device is also waterproof. 

A built in BSI sensors capture crisp photos, even in low-light conditions, and intelligent dual- LED flash on both cameras provides flattering, natural tones when ambient light levels drop further.  

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Three dedicated microphones capture high quality audio ensuring crystal clear voice and video calling. 

Also included is HTC BoomSound and a brand new 5.2″ Full HD display.

It also has a bold, bright, dual-colour, waterproof2 unibody design that incorporates a dedicated two-step camera key for focus, and capture providing comfortable, instant access to great shots, even one-handed. 

The 4G device is powered by a Qualcomm SnapdragonT 801 processor 

HTC said that the Desire EYE takes mobile imaging software into a new league with unique features and capability.    Crop-Me-In is currently only available on the HTC Desire EYE

The HTC EYE technology is capable of face tracking four people at once while keeping all of the images perfectly framed.

Each face can be cropped and positioned on the screen for maximum clarity. 

A new Split Capture function combines simultaneous photos and videos taken on the front and back cameras into one split-screen image or video, this creates a new selfie experience without relying on thumbnail views.

Crop-Me-In places a person at the heart of the action by cropping you from the image or video taken with the front-facing camera and positioning it within the scene captured by the main camera, opening the door to more extreme, exciting selfies and videos said HTC. 

Voice Selfie removes the need for awkward hand contortions by enabling you to trigger the shutter release with a simple command. Simply “say cheese” as soon as you’ve struck the perfect pose or trigger the video recording with “action” or “rolling” commands. 

Popular additions to the HTC Desire 820 are also included in the HTC EYE Experience such as face fusion, the feature that allows you to merge your face with that of a friend or celebrity for a completely original look and Live Makeup, where you can set the desired level of skin smoothing and preview the effect in real-time before the image is captured. 

With the new Zoe collaborative video-editing app it’s easy to remix your photos and videos into stylish highlight reels, with themes and soundtracks that can be shared. 

The Zoe content engine will be available later this year.