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Skype Translator Rollout Underway

Skype Translator Rollout UnderwayMicrosoft unveiled the Skype Translator preview app in December last year, and is now integrating the feature into its software for desktop users, with the rollout to support six voice languages: English, French, German, Italian, Mandarin and Spanish.

Additionally, another 50 messaging languages will be integrated into the Skype for Windows desktop app.

“It has been a long-time dream at Skype to break down language barriers and bring everyone across the globe closer together,” Microsoft stated in announcing the rollout.

“Researchers, engineers, and many others across Microsoft have been working hard to make this dream a reality and we are looking forward to bringing this preview technology to more devices.”

Skype Translator is “built on world-class machine learning technology that gets smarter with usage”, with Microsoft stating “early users of the preview have helped it improve tremendously”.

With the rollout underway, new Skype Translator icons will appear in users’ updated apps, indicating Skype Translator is ready to use.