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Convoy Adds Music Hall Turntables To Portfolio

Convoy Adds Music Hall Turntables To PortfolioIn announcing its Australian and New Zealand distribution rights, Convoy stated it sees Music Hall turntables “as a natural partner for its ranges of B&W and JBL speakers, and Harman Kardon and Classe amplifiers”.

“While we’re over the moon at the success of our Bluesound wireless digital streaming products, we also recognise that there’s a passion amongst music lovers for products such as turntables and stereo amplifiers and speakers,” Gary Tye, Convoy general manager of specialty audio, commented.

“We looked hard for a unique, known brand of turntables that are beautifully made, nicely priced, come comprehensively equipped with cartridge and tone arm, and most importantly sound sublime.”

Convoy stated it will ensure the models get to stores with “the expertise to give consumers the care and

attention to detail these turntables demand”.

“All our brands are tightly held,” Tye stated. “We’ll approach Music Hall in the same considered way we distribute B&W, Bluesound, JBL and Classe.

“Which means we’ll have a select number of retailers, and certainly won’t be approaching Music Hall with a ‘stack it high, sell it low mentality’, because that would mean denying music lovers the skill and dedication required to be delivered by trained specialist dealers every time they demonstrate a Music Hall turntable. End of story.”

The models are:

mmf-2.2 $599 (black), $649 (red, white) – the two-speed mm-f2.2 comes with tone arm and premounted Magic 2 cartridge made by Ortofon to Music Hall’s specification, uses a high-precision stainless steel bearing and a 1.7 kg alloy platter fitted with a felt mat.

mmf-5.1 $1,299 (black) – a manual, two-speed, low-noise belt-driven turntable, featuring a dual layer plinth with superior isolation properties. Its 9.5″ audiophile quality tone arm comes with a fitted and pre-aligned Magic 3 MM cartridge, made by Ortofon. It carries a 2.7 kg platter and felt mat, while the silent bearing is a smooth stainless steel design sheathed in Teflon.

mmf-7.1 $1,799 (black) – the heavyweight mmf-7.1 is also a dual layer, two-speed belt-driven design, isolating the platter, main bearing, tone arm and cartridge on the upper part of the platform from the adjustable tip toe feet fitted to the bottom platform, with Sorbothane hemispheres further separating the two platforms. The motor, switch and wiring are totally decoupled from the turntable and are isolated on their own vibration-damping puck. The mmf-7.1’s 2.7 kg platter is finely machined from acrylic and fitted with a felt mat, and it comes supplied with a  9″ carbon fibre tone arm.

mmf-9.1 $2,399 (black) – the flagship of the range is built using a three-layer plinth, with each layer

separated by Sorbothane hemispheres for superior isolation qualities. The bearing is an inverted ceramic design manufactured to deliver a super-quiet, fluid and dynamic performance. The mmf-9.1 uses an acrylic platter topped by a felt mat. It comes supplied with a high-grade 9″ carbon fibre tone arm, featuring an adjustable VTA and damped arm lifter, and also premium, flexible internal wiring.

Unique to the range, the mmf-9.1 drives its platter using a totally isolated and decoupled motor installed on a resonance-damping puck. Electronic speed control and switching is integrated.

Convoy states the turntables will be available from early October.