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Presto TV Launch Date Locked In For January 18

Presto TV Launch Date Locked In For January 18Presto TV joins the existing Presto Movies service, with both the TV and movies services to be available separately at $9.99 per month.

Both services can be bundled together for $14.99 per month.

Presto TV, which was first announced late last year, will launch ahead of rival services Netflix and Stan.

It has recently been reported that Neflix will launch on March 31, while Stan, the product of a Nine Entertainment Co. and Fairfax Media joint venture, is also expected to launch in early 2015.

Pricing for Netflix has yet to be confirmed, while Stan will cost $10 per month.

Late last year, Presto announced content deals with HBO and Showtime, which will see it offer shows, including HBO’s The Sopranos, Entourage, The Wire, True Blood, and Boardwalk Empire, along with Showtime’s Dexter, The Borgias, and Californication.

Programming from the Seven Network will include Packed to the Rafters, All Saints, and Always Greener.

“Presto TV will cater for viewers of all ages, and we are committed to adding new programming to our offering over time, giving our subscribers the opportunity to watch complete series and full seasons from some of the biggest producers, such as HBO, CBS Studios International, Showtime, and locally from Foxtel, Seven West Media and ABC Commercial,” Shaun James, director of Presto and On Demand stated via Presto’s blog.

“We will also have more exciting content announcements to make in coming weeks.”

Presto states Presto TV, Presto Movies and the Presto bundle are available across PC, Mac, iPads and via Google Chromecast, with selected Android tablets coming soon.