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NBN HFC Modems To Hit 5Gbps

NBN HFC Modems To Hit 5GbpsSteiger said in a blog post that he attended a Cable-Tec expo in New Orleans last month at which Arris – the company contracted to supply new modems for users of the two Australian networks – demonstrated its equipment.

Its modems support the latest DOCSIS 3.1 standard to be used by NBN on the acquired networks.

Said Steiger: “Arris’s DOCSIS 3.1 modem can deliver a stunning 5Gbps downstream and 2Gbps upstream – that’s five times faster than the fastest 1Gbps speed we offer to our customers using fibre to the premises, and many times faster than most of our other products.”

He stressed that these are “maximum possible” speeds. “Actual end-user speeds experienced via services over the NBN network will depend on a range of factors,” he wrote in his blog.