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Samsung Drum Washing Machines Proving Popular

Samsung Drum Washing Machines Proving Popular

Currently 150,000 Samsung washing machines are being recalled after some caught fire and exploded due to a wiring issue in Australia, however this has not stopped Samsung Australia expanding their washing machine offering.

In the giant US market where Samsung has to compete with several major US brands in what is the biggest battlefield for home appliances in the world Samsung has had a lot of success. 

The Korean Company snared the #1 slot in the second quarter of 2015, replacing LG Electronics who were #1 in first half of 2015.

Samsung said that their drum washing machine which was first launched in the US market in 2006 is now the most popular washing machine in the USA.

According to TraQline, Samsung Electronics recorded 22.3% of shares (based on sales) in the second quarter LG Electronics had (21.8%) and Whirlpool (17%).

 LG snared the #1 slot in 2007 in the drum washing machine market (based on sales) after only 4 years competing in the U.S market.

It maintained its spot for 8 years in a row until Samsung knocked them off last year. 

Samsung said that it was a combination of fast wash times and a variety of convenient functions that saw consumers flock to their washing machines. 

According to satisfaction research carried out by JD Power, Samsung scored first place in all 3 washing machine categories including drum-type washing machine, auto washer, dryer, and etc.

Drum-type washing machine, which is a premium product in the USA holds 35% of all of the washing machine market in the US. 

In Australia Samsung is still battling to find customers who purchased their washing machines. 

The NSW government and Samsung are concerned that more than 70,000 people have failed to respond to the voluntary machine recall.

Samsung said recently that they will repair machines in people’s homes under the terms of the government recall.

It will also report on its progress and on any further safety incidents to the Department of Fair Trading.


The model name and number can be found on the back of the washing machines.