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Image of LG G4 Leaked

Image of LG G4 Leaked

A leaked image has surfaced purporting to show the new model, but @OnLeaks who posted it, says the image is early and not final.

Also showing in the image is a camera different from the LG G4’s predecessor, the LG G3. It appears to have a larger lens and is also sitting proud very slightly proud from the main body.
In all other aspects, there appears little difference between the two models – accepting the image is correct. It also shows that the rear key makes a return, with a seemingly slightly different design, and it seems to have a laser autofocus as well as dual-LED flash.

Earlier rumours the phone may have a metal casing cannot be confirmed although the rear does appear to have a metal-type effect.

The LG4 may also be a little wider and thicker than the LG3.

The LG4 is expected to launch in April or May, but no date for Australia is as yet forthcoming.