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Harvey Norman To Sell Top End Sound Systems That Takes A Day To Install

Harvey Norman To Sell Top End Sound Systems That Takes A Day To Install

The Harvey Norman NSW Commercial Division has cut a deal to sell the premium JBL Synthesis sound system which observers claim is better than a commercial cinema sound system when set up properly.

The 7.1 channel JBL sound systems starts at $72,000, this includes a visit to your home by a JBL expert who scopes the room where the system where the system will be set up.

The room diagnostics are then sent to the US where a JBL sound experts configures the best set up for the system based on the size and configuration of the room.

 According to Gary Tye the JBL Product Manager at Convoy the distributor of the JBL Synthesis sound systems the premium service is a “critical” part of the sell in process as it allows users to get the maximum output from their sound investment. 

After the room audit the system is installed by a JBL expert who uses an SDEC system to set up the speakers. 

“This process can take a day as we have to calibrate each one of the speakers to deliver optimum sound output”.

At the recent CES Show in Las Vegas SmartHouse was given a demonstration of the JBL Synthesis sound system, the sound output was impressive. 

Also announced at CES were new JBL Synthesis SDP-25 Surround Processor and SDA-7200 7-Channel Amplifier for custom-installation similar to what Harvey Norman Commercial in NSW and Klapp Electronics in Victoria is offering. 
“With the introduction of the SDP-25 and SDA-7200, JBL Synthesis now offers a lower-cost, high-quality preamp/amplifier solution that is ideal for smaller rooms and brings the benefits of JBL Synthesis performance to a wider range of consumers than ever before,” said a  JBL executive

 “The SDP-25 can accommodate 4K Ultra HD and 3D video source components and displays and both components deliver the superlative sound quality that is inherent in every JBL Synthesis product.”

The SDP-25 offers a host of features including six HDMI 1.4 inputs (one on the front panel) and two HDMI outputs with 4K Ultra HD and 3D video compatibility, and 7.1-channel surround-sound audio capability with dual-subwoofer output. 
The SDP-25 is compatible with all high-resolution surround sound formats including Dolby TrueHD, DTS-HD Master Audio and other Dolby Digital and DTS surround modes. Its USB input enables connection to the output from a streaming audio device or computer and the SDP-25’s 7.1 Direct and Stereo Direct modes provide a signal path with minimal audio circuitry for listening to high-resolution digital and analogue music sources.

Ohms with all channels driven. The Class D rack-mountable amp is the same size as the SDP-25 and it includes RCA inputs and binding post outputs. Both units has a black brushed-aluminium front panel.