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EXCLUSIVE:Australian High Res Music Site Takes On Apple Music + Deezer

EXCLUSIVE:Australian High Res Music Site Takes On Apple Music + Deezer

OpenLIVE Australia launches today with 2.5 million tracks that will be updated daily, the Company has also developed its own software to manage the high res delivery of files that at a minimum will be CD quality.  

4Square Media has been following OpenLIVE’s development for a couple of years. The company’s CEO Dale Moore who was previously Marketing Manager at Yamaha Australia gave us a firsthand demonstration of OpenLIVE’s site several months ago.

What stood out was the store’s user friendliness. Vitally OpenLIVE offers market leading audio quality. All audio conscious music lovers have to do music lovers is log on and enjoy.

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OpenLIVE’s Hi-Res catalogue delivers all of the original information of the Master recording, meaning fans will hear the music as the Artist originally intended. 

“We’re very excited by the launch of our download store,” said Dale Moore, “Hi-Res digital music files are not readily available in Australia and we believe it’s important for people to have the option of choosing Hi-Res over MP3.” 

The extensive catalogue of music includes a large range of Artists from different genres. OpenLIVE has plans to continue to grow this library to provide Music Fans with one of the most extensive catalogues of Hi-Res music available in Australia today.  

“Hi-Res music has benefits across all genres” says Simon Tait, Chief Technology Officer. “The depth, feeling and sense of realism can be heard, and felt regardless of the type of music. It’s not just for classical & jazz aficionados, it’s genre agnostic and this is borne out by the sheer number of Artists who make their catalogues available in Hi – Res formats.” 
Their technology was recently showcased to the world’s leading musicians and recording experts recently. The response was overwhelmingly positive.

Most said the technology was world leading in its calibre and they wanted it ASAP.

“Very soon, any band or Artist playing in OpenLIVE enabled venues will have the ability to capture, archive and release their live performances with just a few clicks,” says Tait. “Watch this space…something very cool is coming over the horizon.” 

Launching in Australia on 27 August 2015, OpenLIVE is Australia’s first Hi-Resolution Audio download store and plans to help invigorate the live music scene through the creation of a growing pool of live music.