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Virgin Mobile Launches Data Rollover For Postpaid Plans

Virgin Mobile Launches Data Rollover For Postpaid PlansAs reported by Fairfax Media earlier in the year, consumer groups the Australian Communications Consumer Action Network and CHOICE have been pushing for data rollover services to be introduced by telcos into the local market.

Virgin stated the feature has been requested by customers for some time.

“Data Rollover will revolutionise how Australians view their telco’s data offering and will change the mobile industry for good,” Virgin Mobile CEO David Scribner stated.

“People are hungry for data and it’s not fair that something they’ve paid for is snatched away after a month – they should get another chance to use it. I’m proud to say that we are the only telco rescuing people’s data.”

A study conducted by Virgin found 94 per cent of Australians believe it is unfair that something they have paid for is taken away with no second chance to use it, with 95 per cent wishing they could hold onto their unused data.

“There is an interesting dynamic at play – although less than one in five of our customers use all their data in any given month, many customers are ‘occasional breakers’, and over a six-month period around 40 per cent will break their data limits at least once,” Scribner stated.

“We looked into it and discovered that almost half of these people would have paid nothing or at least reduced excess charges if they had Data Rollover.”

To take advantage of Data Rollover,
existing customers must switch to a Data Rollover plan, with only the
data not used in the last month’s data inclusion rolling over into the
next month.