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Dallas Demands Salary Details

Dallas Demands Salary DetailsIn the Australian
Federal Court this week, DBC tabled drafts of a letter and telephone script it
wants to give account holders caught out for not paying.

Lawyers for ISPs, including iiNet, said the communication would force alleged
infringers to disclose how much they earn annually as well as details of their
downloading history.

To push for such details, ISPs argued, is outside the scope of the case and the
court should not allow them to be considered.

Asking what a person has downloaded was effectively conducting a “royal
commission into BitTorrent”, the ISPs argued. The telephone script
“did not overstep the mark”, DBC argued – the questions were relevant
and a user could decide whether or not to answer.

Pressured by the judge, DBC lawyers said the general method that it will use to
determine the amount it is seeking will be based on a licence fee for the
movie, the cost of legal proceedings, the cost of obtaining ISP subscriber
details, an estimate of how many alleged downloaders will “engage”
with the company and, potentially, “additional damages”.

Justice Perram will issue a final ruling on this and other outstanding issues
in July.